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Tim N.

Tim is the president of MSI, and he is also a College Instructor. Tim teaches two classes at Elgin  Community College. As an expert in the design and function of all HVAC equipment Tim teaches "Load Calculation and Duct Design" and "Pneumatics and Direct Digital Controls."

Wayne P.

Wayne recieved a college grant from Grainger in 2010.  Here he is accepting a tool set from Grainger as an award for his completion of his HVAC degree.  He is Nate (North American Technician Excellence) certified in air to air heat pumps and air conditioning.  He is currently studying alternate energy resources. 

Bad Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are made of thin metal and are usually warrantied for 10 years.  Heat exchangers that are damaged are a source of carbon monoxide poisioning.  MSI pays extra close attention to these components as part of its inspection process. 

Condenser Coil Cleaning is Imperative
    The outdoor condenser coil of your rooftop unit performs a very tough job in warm weather. It takes the concentrated heat collected from your business and dumps it into the hot outdoor air. To get rid of this heat from inside your business your condenser coil needs to move a lot of air across it. If your condenser coil is dirty or clogged up, your condenser fan cannot move as much air as required for good performance and efficiency. This raises your electricity bills and may shorten the life of your condensing unit. We always perform routine condenser coil surface cleaning which is a part of our preventative maintenance package. On units that require extensive cleaning we have a deeper cleaning package that includes a condenser coil cleaner and disinfectant along with a pressure washing treatment to ensure a clean condenser coil.


  • Seventy percent of installed systems suffer from inadequate airflow. Improper airflow can result in equipment failure, high energy bills and poor comfort. MSI performs a complete load calculation in the design process of your system to ensure that your system has adequate airflow to avoid these problems.
  • Improper refrigerant charging can lower efficiency by up to 20%. Our technicians are trained and epa certified and have refrigerant charging down to a science.
  • Proper HVAC equipment size selection is imperative. Oversized equipment will increase your costs and reduce comfort.
  • Building operation and maintenance programs specifically designed to enhance operating efficiency of HVAC systems can reduce energy bills by 20% to 50% without significant capital investment.
MSI is endorsed by the Better Buisness Bureau  

MSI heating, cooling, and energy management has been an accredited member of the better buisness bureau since 2007.

MSI maintains an A rating with the BBB, with 0 complaints in our 36 month history.

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